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TOBYUS GREEN (Angry Penis)

A Memphis, TN. native, received his Bachelor's in Psychology, and Speech Communication and Theatre at Tennessee State University in Nashville,TN. When Tobyus realized that acting was his passion, he never left the stage. Before coming to California,  he had been on set and worked with Terrence Howard, Mario Van Peebles,  Michael Clark Duncan,  Craig Brewer,  John Singleton,  and Christopher Cain, to name a few. Tobyus just stepped off stage with Loretta Devine and Ernest Thomas in Don B Welch's hit stage play, “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Other stage credits include “Life Stories” by Donald B. Welch, “The Penis Monologues: The Long Hard Truth” by Karen Roberson, “Love Soul Deep” by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, “How To Marry The Bank” by J. R. Wortham, and the list goes on. Films include, “Masterminds” by David Keary,  “Hustle and Flow” by Craig Brewer, “The Road to Redemption” by Mario Van PYOUles, Congratulations” by Eric Levy,  and a few others. He sees ministry through each character he gets an opportunity to bring to life. He is thankful to each and every director, for trusting him to tell their stories, and to do what he loves. Each and every performance is dedicated to his late father,  James L. Davis. Somebody told him,“be the best YOU, you can be” (Darius McCrary).